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Exploration geology and geophysics:   I specialize in areas of poor or spare data and in structurally complex areas.  I also specialize in combining many kinds of data to develop exploration plays and prospects and in making geologically reasonable interpretations in areas of diverse and sparse data.  I can work independently but excel in teams.  I can mentor younger earth scientists in interpreting and developing geologically reasonable exploration models.  My expertise is in mapping and structural analysis including construction and restoration of balanced interpretations.  I am a proven prospect generator in areas throughout the world.

Production: I have experience and expertise in field mapping and structural analyis, including trap geometry, fracture systems, fault seals.  This includes detailed mapping of well and seismic data in large and small fields.

Training: I provide a range of short courses and field trips.  The courses are designed to accelerate the experience of earth scientists and are valuable to employees of every level.  The field trips are designed to accelerate experience and appreciation for the variability and scale of real world geologic structures and processes. 

Uncertainty and value of information: I have experience in objectively evaluating uncertainty and estimating the value of additional information against the cost of acquiring that data.

Due diligence and prospect evaluation:  I have a wide experience and can quickly evaluate the accuracy and reasonableness of plays and prospects offered by others. 

Teaching in the Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Teaching in Nevada (upper) and Death Valley (lower)
Upcoming Courses 2013

April 4 (Done) Tectonic History of the Rocky Mountain Region, Golden, Colorado

July 1-5 Structural Geology (For ENI in Perugia, Italy)
July 8-12 Basin Analysis (For ENI in Perugia, Italy)

July 21 AAPG Folds, Fractures and Faults in Thrust Belts, (Sawtooth Range, Western Montana), Great Falls, Montana

August 5-9 Northern Arizona University, Alumni/Student/Faculty Field Trip (Canadian Rockies, Banff, Jasper) Calgary, Alberta

August 18 AAPG Structural Geology, Jackson,  Wyoming

September 9-13 Structural Geology, Punta Arenas, Chile

Upcoming Technical Session

T187 Tectonics and Paleoenvironments of Western Pagaea--New Perspectives on the Greater Ancestral Rocky Mountains (with Dustin Sweet)
Restoration of the Rio Grande Rift and Laramide Deformation, San Luis Valley, South Central Colorado
1. These sections, through the San Luis Valley part of the Rio Grande Rift (Mio to present) in southern Colorado, are based on seismic and well data and surface mapping in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains to the east of the rift.  The rift here has approximately 10 km of structural relief and the basin is filled with approximately 8 km of fill.
3. Once the sections have been restored to the end of the Laramide, the next increment of restoration is to the next previous orogenic episode--Late Paleozoic.  This section then, shows the geometry of the Pennsylvanian aged San Luis Uplift.  The basin to te east of the uplift was completely collapsed in the Laramide into the present Sangre de Cristo Range
2. The cross sections of the present-day allow the incremental restoration of the structures to the end of the Laramide Orogeny (Late K-Early C).  This is a depiction of the Laramide basement-involved uplift.  Note the the later extension lowered the core of the range into the rift half graben and left the front edge of the uplift in its position to form the present-day Sangre de Cristo Range
Petroglyphs from Butler Wash, Utah.  Early Teaching methods.