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We offer expertise and experience in Structural Geologic Analysis for exploration and production, including surface, satellite, and subsurface mapping of structural traps, fault framework, fracture and fault seal analysis, and assessment of structural uncertainty and risk.  We also provide expertise in regional tectonic and basin analysis.  Our training courses have been developed over 35 years and are updated for each presentation.  They include: Basic geology for non-geologists, structural geology for trap assessment, structural interpretation of seismic data, basin analysis and stuctural field trips throughout North America.  We bring a focus and passion for solving practical geologic problems.
Deformed Juro-Cretaceous along the Saskatchewan River in western Alberta.  Note the syncline tightens upward in its core, resulting in several detachment structures that accommodate the volume decrease in the core that is produced by the upward tightening.   The detachments allow the fold to reform as a rounded form higher in the structure.   Tightening downward in anticlinal cores results in the same kinds of structures.
This is a section from the Uncompaghre Uplift to the SW across the Paradox salt basin, based on seismic and well data.  the geometries seen are like those in the Gulf of Mexico minibasins.  The salt walls expose Paradox Salt in their cores that was always at or near, the surface, supported by salt forced out from beneath the adjoining minibasins by loading of the Cutler Group sediments.  That process continued until all of the salt was moved out and the minibasin welded, so that the post-salt Cutler now rests on pre-salt Mississippian rocks.  The process continues today as salt from the plunge end of the salt walls moves into the wall because of differential overburden pressure.  This process is referred to as 'downbuilding' of salt structures.

Incremental restoration of this section has major implications for the development of the Paradox Basin/Uncompaghre Uplift (See Kluth and DuChene, 2009, Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists)
Structural Geology of Rocks and Regions
Cover of the undergraduate structural geology textbook on which I am a co-author with George Davis and Steve Reynolds.   Available at John Wiley and Sons, Ltd. and Amazon.com