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Structural Geology and Interpretation

Structural Traps in Extended Terranes

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Tectonics of Western North America

Tectonics of the Appalachia Region

Geology and Tectonics of the Rocky Mountain Region

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Chuck Kluth, CV




Presently   : Distinguished Scientist, Department of Geology and Geological Engineering, Colorado School of Mines

Presently   : Principal, Kluth and Associates, Geological Consulting



Ph.D., Geology (Stuctural Geology,Tectonics)

University of Arizona1982, (minor: Petrology)

M.S., Geology, Northern Arizona University 1974
B.S.,(cum laude) Geology, Northern Arizona University, 
B.A., Business Administration, Augustana College 1971  Omicron Delta Kappa, 1970



Structural geology of shortened, extended and strike-slip terranes.  Balanced interpretation construction and restoration.  Prospect and production scale evaluation of structural traps.  Class room and field training in structural geology worldwide.  Consulting on structural geology.  Regional tectonic analysis.  Prospect generation and integration of data.  Portfolio evaluation, assessment of risk and value of information.  Lectures, Short Courses and Field Trip presentations in the United States, Italy, Japan, England, Mexico, Colombia, Canada, Indonesia.



1989-2002 :  Chevron internal consultant on structural geology for exploration and production

                Chairman, Chevron Intracompany               Committee on Structural Geology     

1990-       :   Principal lecturer and Coordinator Chevron Corporation's structural geology training program

1993-2002 : Member, Structural Geology Research Team at Chevron Petroleum                               Technology Company (research lab)

2003         : AAPG Huffington International Distinguished Lecturer


1974-1977:   Exploration geology, Permian Basin

1977         :   Development geology, Wyoming thrust belt, Uinta Basin,  Rocky Mountains

1977-1980:   Ph.D. program, University of Arizona

1980-1982:   Exploration geophysics, Wyoming thrust belt

1982-1985:   Exploration, Rocky Mountains,

                                    Project Coordinator 1984-1985  Senior Geologist( responsible for exploration program of 11 earth scientists in Rocky Mountain Foreland)

1985         :   Eastern District Supervisor (Appalachians,  Eastern basins) Staff Geologist      

(responsible for exploration program  and 13 earth scientists, approximately $6.5 million, 1.3 million acres)

1985-1988:  Division Geologist, Mid-Continent Division(East coast to Colorado)(responsible for technical quality of geologic work done by 31   earth scientists)

1983-1988:  College Employment Recruiter

1988-1990:  Exploration,  Europe Division(Central Apennines Southern Alps, Italy)

1981-1990:  Lecturer, Chevron Corporate Structural Geology Schools

1997-          :  Adjunct Professor, Department Geosciences, University of Arizona

1998-2000:  Adjunct Professor, Department of Geology, San Diego State University


AAPG, GSA (Fellow), Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists, Colorado Scientific Society, European Association of Petroleum Geologists (charter member),  The Geological Society of London (Fellow), Houston Geological Society, American Geophysical Union


Honors: 2001 O  2001  Alumni Achievement Award, University of Arizona, Department of Geosciences

              200   A 2001  Alumni Achievement And Public Service Award, Northern Arizona University                                 


Subjects include: Structures and emplacement of silicic lavas; Late Paleozoic plate tectonics of the Ancestral Rocky Mountains; Mid-Mesozoic structure, stratigraphy and tectonics of Southern Arizona; Late Cretaceous-Cenozoic structures and tectonics,  Structural analyis and analytical tools with examples from around the world, Co-author of 'Structural Geology of Rocks and Regions' structural geology textbook.



Prospect generation and assessment. New ventures. Structural trap assessment, Mentoring younger staff. Training. Due diligence, risk assessment, and determination of value of information.  Basin studies for hydrocarbon systems.  Full time, part time, consulting.


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